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Resources on Inclusive Education

Special Education Dictionary
Definitions of common terms used in inclusive education.

What is an Inclusive School?
The term "inclusive school" can mean different things to different individuals and organizations. However, schools that successfully educate all children do share certain common philosophies, practices and characteristics that are summarized in this document.

Improving Education Promise of Inclusive Schooling
This is an excellent resource for educators looking to improve and expand inclusive educational practices in their schools. This document was developed by the National Institute for Urban School Improvement, a project funded by the United States Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP), and it includes examples of inclusive educational environments, assessment and observation tools, and guidelines for supporting inclusive practices.

Champions of Inclusion by Bill Henderson
This inspiring article written by Bill Henderson, Principal of the Patrick O'Hearn Elementary School in Boston, gives numerous examples of teachers, students, parents, principals, janitors, and many others who are champions of inclusion. They connect, communicate, challenge, and collaborate appropriately when working with students who have disabilities. They are extraordinary individuals who demonstrate on a regular basis how ordinary it can be for students with disabilities to participate successfully in a wide range of activities with their peers.

Inclusion Resources from Stetson & Associates, Inc.
An educational consulting firm that specializing in inclusive practices. Enjoy their free resources on their website.