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Planning and Implementing Peer Support Systems

Use this six step process to plan and implement successful peer support systems in your school.

Step 1: Planning Team

  • Who will serve on the planning team?
  • What are the goals of the program?

Step 2: Program Procedures

  • Who will coordinate the program?
  • What is the name of the program?

Step 3: Recruit and Select Peers

  • Who requires peer assistance?
  • Who will create job descriptors?

Step 4: Train Peer Tutors

  • What content should be contained in the peer tutor training?

Step 5: Implement the Program

  • What is the timeframe?
  • Who will schedule peers?
  • Who will monitor implementation?

Step 6: Evaluate the Program

  • When will surveys be distributed?
  • When will results be published?

Peer Support Systems