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Parents Caring for Children with Disabilities

The Sloan Work and Family Research Network has developed a Topic Page about “Parents Caring for Children with Disabilities“.  Resources on this page include a fact sheet, statistics, readings, and other information aimed at raising awareness and supporting more inclusive and family-friendly workplaces and communities.

Working families caring for children with significant disabilities need the support of their employers. They need workplace flexibility that allows them the time to attend meetings at school and health care appointments, and to deal with other added demands and emergencies as they arise.  Statistics show that these families have both lower employment rates and higher rates of poverty.  Flexible workplaces can help ease the strain on families who are caring for children with significant disabilities.  In addition, employers offering greater flexibility may benefit because they are more likely to retain these employees.

To read more about this common yet hidden problem, visit the “Parents Caring for Children with Disabilities” Topic Page, or for quick reference, you can also download their Fact Sheet (pdf).

Great resources are also available for free on the Bedtime Math Parent Blog that help parents interact with children about real-life math. This website is geared to making daily math as fun as playtime or desserts.