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New Inclusive Schools Week Activities


Decorate Your Room for Inclusive Schools Week!

Give students a chance to sum up their best traits while reviewing adjectives with this bulletin board decoration. Instruct each child to fill out the gift pattern, decorate it, and cut it out. Then invite each child to share the adjectives with the class. Display the completed gifts on a bulletin board.

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Gab About Your Gifts: Classroom Discussion Questions & Activities

Start of each day of Inclusive Schools Week with a discussion about the gifts students have and how they can share them. Use a gift box as a prop and add to it each day after the discussion with our easy, yet powerful activities.

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Inclusive Words Lotto

As a class, students brainstorm character traits they possess. Inclusive Schools Lotto is a quick, fun vocabulary game that can be played in pairs or individually.

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  • James Fischer December 5, 2015

    Ha thanks so much for resources and ideas. We love em. Any chance your company might have resources or data on fully inclusive programs in California and where? We are still trying to find the specific school districts and any school names implementing inclusive best practices. Any help or links to resources would be great. We are also trying to contact state education agencies to see about getting more data a well .

    Thanks! Jim.

    • Inclusive Schools December 7, 2015

      Thanks Jim! We are so glad you find our website to be a useful resources! I am going to email you a contact that might be able to get you more information. I hope it helps!