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Leadership Skills for Facilitating Student Success and School Improvement

As a leader, how do you rate yourself on…

  • Facilitating change and helping others to embrace change and consider its inevitability?
  • Understanding how future trends and paradigm shifts will impact important school decisions, such as what should be taught and how?
  • Using human and fiscal resources wisely?
  • Implementing alternatives to school suspension?
  • Enhancing the level of parental involvement in the classroom, school, district, or community?
  • Communicating with students and other school employees?
  • Fulfilling the responsibilities of your particular job?
  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities when confusion seems to reign?
  • Bringing order to disorderly and chaotic situations?
  • Uplifting employees and improving morale?
  • Improving the attitudes and behaviors of ineffective and negative teachers?
  • Providing regular reviews and evaluations of employee performance?
  • Increasing the hiring and retention of ethnically diverse teachers and administrators?
  • Improving the school and classroom climate?
  • Serving as a mentor to a new employee or student?
  • Pairing positive veteran teachers with new teachers for mentoring purposes?