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The Sparkle Effect

The Mission of The Sparkle Effect

The Sparkle Effect is working toward more inclusive schools nationwide by empowering students to create cheer and dance teams that include students with and without disabilities.

The Result

Students with and without disabilities gain acceptance and confidence, become passionate leaders, and help schools and broader communities understand and embrace inclusion.

kgamble-0656How it Works

The Sparkle Effect provides four primary services to students involved in our programs. First, as our teams are forming, our highly experienced and engaged staff members provide intensive mentoring to school administrators, coaches, and students to ensure that programs are structured for success and sustainability.

Second, we provide uniforms to our program participants. Students report that their new uniforms prove to be transformative. They send the message to the entire school and community: we are all one team.

kgamble-4780Third, we offer hands-on support through our free on-site training program. Our highly personalized trainings allow our staff to guide, inform, and encourage our teen leaders as their programs are getting started. The trainings help to establish best practices and ensure sustainability. The trainings also provide students with the confidence, sense of responsibility, and motivation necessary to achieve the highest level of success.

Finally, we work to sustain our programs by engaging in consistent follow-up, on-going mentoring, and annual refresher trainings.

Enjoy our WHITE PAPER detailing research regarding the impact that veteran Sparkle Effect teams have on the broader school community.