Inclusive Schools Week

Inclusive Schools Week™ is an annual event sponsored by the Inclusive Schools Network (ISN) and Stetson & Associates, Inc., which is held each year during the first full week in December.

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About Inclusive Schools Week

Since its inception in 2001, Inclusive Schools Week has celebrated the progress that schools have made in providing a supportive and quality education to an increasingly diverse student population, including students who are marginalized due to disability, gender, socio-economic status, cultural heritage, language preference, and other factors.

The Week also provides an important opportunity for educators, students, and parents to discuss what else needs to be done in order to ensure that their schools continue to improve their ability to successfully educate all children.

Inclusive Schools Week allows us all to take a moment to applaud the progress we’ve made toward building more inclusive school communities while pledging to continue our work toward becoming a more inclusive society.

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Inclusive Schools Week Themes

2023 ISW - Draw Me In

2023 Inclusive Schools Week: Draw Me In!

As far back as the days of cave drawings, art has been a way for humans to express themselves. Many children begin to communicate through the language of art even…

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ISW 2022 - Unity within our community

2022 Inclusive Schools Week: Unity Within Community

From ancient civilizations to the present time, unity and connection have been essential in order for communities to not only survive but thrive. United together communities remain strong even in…

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2021 ISW - Rebuilding Our Inclusive Community Together

2021 Inclusive Schools Week: Rebuilding Our Inclusive Community Together

During the past eighteen months, the world has experienced an extraordinary degree of separation. We have been separated from our classmates, friends, family, colleagues, and community. The force that created…

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2020 ISW - The Time for Inclusion is Now

2020 Inclusive Schools Week: The Time for Inclusion is Now

One observation that people around the world are sharing in the year 2020 is the importance of the word ‘Inclusion.’ We have chosen our new theme in recognition of at…

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2019 ISW - Charting the Course for Inclusive Schools

2019 Inclusive Schools Week: Charting the Course for Inclusive Schools

It’s anchors aweigh and all hands on deck for the 2019 Inclusive Schools Week! Plan your destination and embark on an exciting journey to celebrate your inclusion crew. This year,…

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2018 ISW - Kaleidoscope of Friends

2018 Inclusive Schools Week: Kaleidoscope of Friends

The theme for this year’s Inclusive Schools Week is “A Kaleidoscope of Friends.” If you look into a kaleidoscope, you see an infinite array of patterns of brilliant light created…

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2017 ISW - Stand Up for Inclusion

2017 Inclusive Schools Week: Stand Up and Sit Tall for Inclusion

This year, Inclusive Schools Week’s theme focuses on standing up and sitting tall for inclusion. This is particularly fitting because in our world today, we are embracing changes necessary to…

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2016 ISW - Champions of Inclusion

2016 Inclusive Schools Week: Champions of Inclusion – POWerful Things Happen in Inclusive Schools!

This year, the Inclusive Schools Week’s theme focuses on the concept of being a hero. This is particularly fitting because the definition of a hero, a person noted for courageous…

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2015 ISW - Sharing our Gifts in Inclusive Schools

2015 Inclusive Schools Week: Share the Gifts of Inclusion

When we open a present – regardless of the occasion – we experience a sense of excitement, pleasure, and expectation! When we open our schools and classrooms to inclusion, we…

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