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Leadership for
Inclusive Schools

Perhaps the most critical role in successful inclusive schools is the role of the principal. The school principal’s active participation is the single most important predictor of success in implementing change, improving services, or setting a new course. The school principal is central to facilitating systemic change and leading faculty to adopt new attitudes and new practices. 

With responsibilities widening each year, today’s principal must create the conditions for a positive learning environment, academic rigor, and set the standard for shared ownership across the entire faculty. This page explores the many facets of the role of inclusive principals.


SchoolBook, a New York Times and New York City Public Radio hosted news site, has been closely following the overhaul of special education practices in New York City public schools toward inclusive education as the norm, not the exception. This series of reports on SchoolBook has covered a variety of topics associated with the significant… Read more

Sustaining Progress Toward Inclusive Schools

Educators and parents agree that the initial work required to create inclusive schools often involves a shift in philosophy and changes in instructional practice. This work is not easy and the time frame for successful change from limited knowledge of inclusive practices to a smooth system of services and supports usually requires at least two… Read more

Tools and Strategies for Inclusive Schools

THE MARYLAND COALITION ON INCLUSIVE EDUCATION Tools and Strategies for Inclusive Schools INCLUSIVE EDUCATION STARTER KIT Chapter 3: Steps to Implementing Inclusive Education ESSENTIAL BEST PRACTICES IN INCLUSIVE SCHOOLS GUIDE A guide intended for use by school teams, families and administrators, based on the principles of universal design and instruction so the ideas apply to… Read more

Use the Summer to Prepare for a New School Year

As teachers and administrators are winding down from the current school year, they are also thinking ahead to the next school year and how to make it even more successful. Are you looking for resources that will support teacher development pre-K-12 over the summer and during the next school year? Online modules from Vanderbilt University… Read more


WEBINAR: 5 Easy Ways to Fail in Education

The Imperative for Reinvention in Special Education Join Dr. Frances Stetson as she discusses the five easiest ways to fail in education in this webinar hosted by PresenceLearning. She will focus on how to avoid the following problems that so often arise in Special Education today. 1. Lose the Vision 2. Admire the Problem 3. Avoid… Read more

Links for Information on Education Leadership

CASE CASE is an international professional educational organization which is affiliated with the Council for Exceptional Children whose members are dedicated to the enhancement of the worth, dignity, potential, and uniqueness of each individual in society. Education Leadership: Organizations, Associations, and Ways to Get Involved This in-depth resource guide was created for teachers, educators and… Read more

Elements of Inclusive Classrooms Podcast

Carolyn Coil, education expert and author, and Frances Stetson, CEO of the Inclusive Schools Network, joined the roundtable on The Inclusive Class Podcast. Together with Terri and Nicole, roundtable guests described the elements of an inclusive classroom. Discussions addressed scheduling, supports, curriculum, accommodations, IEPs and more! This is one podcast you don't want to miss! Listen here… Read more

Leadership for Inclusive Schools: A Parent’s Perspective

Leadership is not power over others—it is power in relationship with others. This is one of my favorite sayings about effective leaders and one that states very simply the essential role of the principal in building an inclusive school.  Relational Leadership The highly successful school principal knows how to build relationships with parents, staff, and… Read more

The Principal’s Role in Quality Instruction: Take the Time to Get Involved

There is a great deal involved in being a good campus leader. Principals’ duties include instructional leadership, campus management and school safety. Although their list of responsibilities may seem quite lengthy, principals know that sharing these duties and delegating tasks are essential to getting the job done.  Campus administrators understand that the key to being… Read more

Parent Voices and Perspectives: The Challenges of Inclusive Practices

Inclusion has a long, rich history with well-researched benefits for children with and without disabilities from Pre-K through the High School years and beyond.  Yet, some parents of children with special needs are just not interested in inclusive schooling opportunities for their child.  One parent of a student with special needs said to me recently… Read more