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Culturally Responsive

Today’s children are increasingly more diverse in their cultures, languages, abilities, interests and learning styles. We must create environments where student differences are supported and celebrated so that all students are provided with the best opportunity to learn. This resource page focuses on what educators, school leaders and parents can do to promote culturally responsive environments – classrooms where students are connected and active members of the school community.

Culturally Responsive Books for Students

Classroom library books and other printed materials should represent the interests of the students and reflect the diversity of students within the classroom.  However, until the recent past, it was not uncommon to find classrooms completely void of reading materials that either were written by African American, Latino, or Asian authors or which prominently featured… Read more

Frequently Asked Questions About Culturally Responsive Instruction

Why is it important to address student diversity? Today’s students are increasingly more diverse in their cultures, languages, abilities, interests and learning styles. As educators we are held accountable to ensure that all learners achieve at least minimum state standards. Thus we must create classroom environments where student differences are supported and celebrated so that… Read more

Teacher Behaviors that Improve Student Achievement

This is a self-checklist that you can use to determine your strengths in improving achievement and motivation in youth, and identify areas you may wish to expand your knowledge and skills. There are two categories: √ Check "+" if you are comfortable with your knowledge and skills in this area and exhibit appropriate and consistent… Read more

Building Authentic Relationships with Students and Families

This is a checklist you may use to determine your strengths in building authentic relationships with your students and their families. Read each statement and determine whether the practice is in place or needs improvement. If you have multiple “Improvement Needed” categories checked on your completed assessment, you should consider developing a personal action plan… Read more

Leadership Skills for Facilitating Student Success and School Improvement

As a leader, how do you rate youself on… Facilitating change and helping others to embrace change and consider its inevitability?  Understanding how future trends and paradigm shifts will impact important school decisions, such as what should be taught and how? Using human and fiscal resources wisely? Implementing alternatives to school suspension?  Enhancing the level… Read more

Articles About Culturally Responsive Schools

We scoured the web to bring you a list of insightful articles to increase your knowledge of culturally responsive schools and inclusive classrooms! Research Matters: Creating Culturally Responsive Schools Characteristics of Culturally Responsive Teaching ASCD: A Framework for Culturally Responsive Teaching Culturally Responsive Teaching Teaching Diversity: A Place to Begin A Family Guide to Talking… Read more

Online Resources for News and Information on Culturally Responsive Instruction

Global Read Aloud Global Read Aloud is a teacher-created project with a focus on reading and making global connections by discussing shared books. Three different levels for various age groups. ePals Teachers and students can collaborate with other teachers and students from over two hundred countries in authentic learning projects. You can join other classrooms… Read more