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The focus on successful collaborative teaching partnerships is the responsibility of not only teachers, but the campus administration as well. Provided below are tools for teachers and principals to support effective collaborative teaching on their campus.

What Does an Inclusive Classroom Look Like?

If you are reading this blog you probably are searching for information to make sure that your child or someone very special to you is receiving the best educational services possible to meet their individual needs, so thank you for being an advocate for effective inclusive practice. What is inclusion, and what does inclusion look… Read more

A Common Vocabulary in Inclusive Schools

Words are powerful. Consistency in the words we use to describe services and supports for students with disabilities must be clear and consistent across the district for all children, parents, teachers, and community members. This brief tutorial defines inclusion and provides clarity regarding commonly used terms, such as PLAAFP, Curricular Supports, Advanced Supports, Support Facilitation… Read more

New Models of Support Tutorial and Quiz

For decades, the roles of special education personnel changed very little. They were assigned their roles on the basis of the labels of the students they served or the places they provided their services. With the shift to inclusive philosophies and integrated practices, special education personnel recognized that their roles were not static but based… Read more

Collaborative Teaching Observation Protocol

The collabroative teaching observation protocol is a form developed by Stetson & Associates, Inc. to evaluate and increase the effectiveness of in-class support. Peers, collaborative coaches or principals may use this form to document instructional activities and models of collaborative teaching used in the classroom. Teaching partners may use the observation notes to further improve… Read more

Increasing the Effectiveness of In-Class Support

Collaborative teaching is an instructional delivery strategy in which two or more certified teachers share the roles and responsibilities of instruction in the same classroom at the same time. Collaborative teaching partners should consider the following conditions for successful co-teaching: Joint planning Shared ownership and accountability for all students in the class Equitable responsibility for the… Read more

Finding Time for Collaboration and Using it Well

The frustration regarding limited time for collaborative teaching partners to meet and plan instruction are high on most lists of co-teachers. Within the past five years, there have been many articles written about the necessity of quality planning time. As a result, many principals have made certain to build into their master schedules a planning opportunity for grade level teams… Read more

Six Approaches to Collaborative Teaching Tutorial

What are the roles for co-teachers? From Marilyn Friend’s work, there are six different roles for collaborative teachers. In the best partnerships, each of these roles is used in response to student interests, learning needs, curriculum content, and effective instructional practices and teacher partner strengths and interests. We will provide a brief description of these… Read more

Sharing Resources Online

Do you want to collaborate and share resources with other teachers on-line? Do you want to create a webpage where students can access resources and information? Do you want a network where parents can find information and resources that can help them support their child at home? Using a web page to communicate and post… Read more

Scheduling for Success: Common Planning Time

Common planning time among educators is a crucial element in the success of an inclusive school. Planning time helps improve instruction by allowing teachers to share best practices, look at students' work, and plan curriculum and lessons together. In order for planning to contribute meaningfully to curriculum development and implementation, sufficient time should be built… Read more

Celebrating Collaborative Teaching Success

Collaboration among people is one of the most important factors in successful inclusive schools. Inclusive Schools Week happens during a time that many cultures consider a season of celebration and giving. This is a perfect time to celebrate the people who you credit with being supportive of inclusive education in your school and community—the teachers… Read more