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Enjoy our lesson planning template and hundreds of lesson ideas in the downloads below!

water-bottles.png (1)LESSON IDEAS WITH ISN PENCILS!

1. Develop a class motto or mission statement that highlights the inclusive nature of the classroom. Create a poster featuring your motto. Ask students to sign the poster with the Inclusive Schools Network pencil to show their support of inclusive education.

2. Read students a picture book or short story with the theme of social inclusion. Have them write a One-Sentence Summary using this STRATEGY. Some examples sentences are:

  • Inclusion makes every student feel _______.
  • Inclusion causes _______.
  • Inclusive schools are _____ and ______.


 1. Using the words in the Word Cloud, select the term that best reflects your understanding of inclusive practices. Then meet in small group and allow each student one minute to share their rationale for choosing this word.

2. Invite students to review the Wordle and brainstorm extra words that could be added.

3.Have students brainstorm ways to complete the following analogies:

  • Water: Plants as Inclusion
  • Water: Drought as Inclusion
  • Water: Refreshing as Inclusion

water-bottles.png (1)LESSON IDEAS WITH ISN STICKERS!

1. For Primary students, the sticker can become the center of a flower. On the petals students can, individually or in groups, write ideas of how to be kind to all people.  Older students can create Animoto or Photopeach online videos to represent acts of kindness based on inclusion.

2. Create art projects, such as “I am special” or “Great things happen in inclusive schools” buttons that the students can wear during the Week. Give each student an Inclusive Schools Week sticker to inspire their artwork.

water-bottles.png (1)LESSON IDEAS WITH ISN POSTERS!

1. Decorate your classroom with Inclusive Schools Week posters. Brainstorm with your class characteristics of inclusive schools and add these terms to your classroom word wall.

2. Using the ISN posters as inspiration, have students create a skit, journal entry, online presentation, song, or short story.

3. Have a school-wide contest to create an inclusion poster using “Great Things Happen in Inclusive Schools” as the topic.


 1. Working in small groups, have students visit the teacher designated, age-appropriate websites on the bookmark. Have students create an internet scavenger hunt with three destinations and tasks. Then they can trade scavenger hunts with another group to complete the tasks.

2. Assign each group a website and use the Jigsaw Strategy to have students share about what they found on their assigned site.

3. Have students design their own bookmark using this year’s theme.

water-bottles.png (1)LESSON IDEAS WITH ISN RIBBONS!

1. Have students find a friend in another class during lunch, recess or another social time and share their favorite word from the word cloud and how it has helped them be more inclusive this week.

2. Have students share their ribbons with family members at home. Then they can brainstorm how these words can inspire inclusive actions at home and in their community.

3. Students can use one word from the inclusion word cloud on the ribbon as inspiration to design their own inclusion themed ribbon. Hang the ribbons as a banner to display for other students to see.