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2022 Inclusive Schools Week Theme #ISW2022

From ancient civilizations to the present time, unity and connection have been essential in order for communities to not only survive but thrive.  United together communities remain strong even in the face of danger, threats, or peril. The ancient and wise proverb, “Together We Stand, Divided We Fall,” dates back to the sixth century BC when it appears in one of Aesop’s fables.

Last year our theme for Inclusive Schools Week focused on “Rebuilding our Inclusive Community.” It was an energizing year for many across the world. We not only learned what our partners are doing to promote effective inclusion, but we also shared tools and materials to address the ongoing need to rebuild our inclusive communities.

At the Inclusive Schools Network, we are excited about the many new partnerships, resources, and progress made and want to continue that momentum in 2022 with our theme: “Unity within Community—Inclusion Around the World.” United we are stronger to focus on our common need—inclusive practices in our schools and in our communities!

Let us stand together to address the challenges of this time as we continue to address the needs of our children for schools where all children belong, thrive, and are supported by their teachers, peers, family members, and neighbors. Let’s learn more about the work of other organizations and groups in our community and share ideas, resources, and support. Let’s teach our children by our actions how to treat others, how to communicate and build relationships, and how to work in harmony to address our common needs.

None of us are alone in our efforts to support inclusive practices. Working together we stand stronger as we move closer to that vision of an inclusive world in 2022! We look forward to hearing from you!