2016 Inclusive Schools Week Theme

2016 theme graphic

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This year, the Inclusive Schools Week’s theme focuses on the concept of being a hero. This is particularly fitting because the definition of a hero, a person noted for courageous acts of nobility of character, resonates with all of the students, parents, teachers, principals and community leaders who take courageous steps forward each day to promote acceptance for all.

The path toward more inclusive educational services has been challenging, yet rewarding. This year, we will focus on the steps along this journey and consider the courage it requires to:

Today’s media heroes, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Supergirl and all of the other caped crusaders are fun to watch on the big screen, but it is the authentic, everyday heroes who demonstrate the courage and sense of honor that we recognize through the Inclusive Schools Network.

Our most sincere thanks to each of you – OUR HEROES!


We hope you enjoy these inspirational desktop wallpapers featuring a few of our favorite quotes about heroes.  Feel free to download and install them on all of your computers and devices!