Documenting Paraeducator Support

How do we know students who are expected to receive curricular and personal supports recommended in Individual Education Programs (IEP’s) are not only receiving them—but that these supports are actually working to improve student learning. In recent work with a talented group of paraeducators from the Lamesa Independent School District in Texas, documentation log examples… Read More

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Center for Online Education

The Center for Online Education is an independent organization providing students with resources to help succeed in an online college. They help students find affordable, quality academic programs that prepare them for a rewarding career. As another school year approaches, there are still a large number of students that are undecided about furthering their education. For… Read More

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The Ultimate Student App Guide

With the advancements in technology, the learning and educational sector has been opened up to more resource options than ever before. Students now have access to such a huge range of options to assist them. These include, but are not limited to; e-books, audio-books, pod-casts, online lectures, real-time tutorials, forums and numerous assistive technology gadgets… Read More


New Models of Support Tutorial and Quiz

For decades, the roles of special education personnel changed very little. They were assigned their roles on the basis of the labels of the students they served or the places they provided their services. With the shift to inclusive philosophies and integrated practices, special education personnel recognized that their roles were not static but based… Read More

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There are several resources that will help you as you search for schools that have a strong commitment to effective inclusion. Every state has a Department of Education that reports on that state’s target for Least Restrictive Environment (LRE). This LRE data is also available for individual districts and schools within the state. The higher… Read More

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Miller Career and Transition Center

Miller Career and Transition Center is the very first career and transition center for the Los Angeles Unified School District. They work promoting inclusion in the community stressing the acknowledgment of the hard work and commitment of schools, families and communities in creating inclusive opportunities for all children regardless of disability, gender, ethnicity, language, health status, etc. Visit… Read More

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14 Resources for Supporting Special Needs Children

One of our followers contacted us with a wonderful list of resources she has referenced when looking for answers related to her autistic child. Hopefully, you will find the websites as useful as she did!   Submitted by: Patricia Sarmiento Putting the Public Back in Public Health   Kitchen Safety for Parents of Disabled… Read More

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Classroom Inclusion through Names

  Wait, that's how you say your name! Saying a name right is a sign of respect and inclusion.  But with increasingly diverse classrooms, saying student names correctly is challenging.  Even when you've known a student well, teachers can become surprised at graduation to learn that the whole community has been saying a name wrong… Read More


Resources for iPads in Special Education

Spectronics website hosts and extensive list of resources for iPads in Inclusive settings. Posts such as Top 10 Apps for Early Learning, Top 10 Apps for Literacy Support, and Top 10 Apps for Literacy Support are a few of our favorites. We thought you might enjoy this great collection of resources… Read More

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Collaborative Teaching Observation Protocol

The collabroative teaching observation protocol is a form developed by Stetson & Associates, Inc. to evaluate and increase the effectiveness of in-class support. Peers, collaborative coaches or principals may use this form to document instructional activities and models of collaborative teaching used in the classroom. Teaching partners may use the observation notes to further improve… Read More