Feature: Aspire Chicago “All Are Welcome” Program!

Aspire’s mission is to support the successes of children and adults with developmental disabilities, strengthen their families and build embracing communities. Founded in 1960, it is recognized throughout Illinois as a leader in providing bold, pioneering and uncompromising services to children and adults with developmental disabilities, their families and the Chicagoland community. They have partnered in  “All… Read More

Guest Post submitted by: Alex Diaz-Granados Chief Editor At, we have brought together a variety of experts to provide families and individuals with cerebral palsy the resources they need. With medical experts, lawyers, and even people who live with this condition, we gather the latest information about everything that impacts children with cerebral… Read More

Experience has taught me that students with moderate/severe disabilities, who are receiving functional services, often have families that are simply stressed.  These are folks who don’t have the time or inclination to complete a form.  These are sometimes the families who do not return forms sent to them from school.  The importance of the needed… Read More

Culturally Responsive Books for Students

Classroom library books and other printed materials should represent the interests of the students and reflect the diversity of students within the classroom.   However, until the recent past, it was not uncommon to find classrooms completely void of reading materials that either were written by African American, Latino, or Asian authors or which prominently featured… Read More

While traditional employment can be difficult for people with disabilities, owning your own business can provide a better opportunity for success. If you create your own business from the ground up, you can tailor it to suit your specific needs and make sure than you are not facing any disadvantages in the workplace. Here are… Read More

How to Move a County to Inclusion Education Talk

More than 20 years ago, Montgomery County, Virginia began the process of moving all of their schools toward full inclusion for students with disabilities. Cyndi Pitonyak was there at the inception of this process. In this talk, Cyndi explains how a county begins the process of inclusion and does so successfully. If you are an… Read More

A Common Vocabulary in Inclusive Schools

Words are powerful. Consistency in the words we use to describe services and supports for  students with disabilities must be clear and consistent across the district for all children, parents, teachers, and community members. This brief tutorial defines inclusion and provides clarity regarding commonly used terms, such as PLAAFP, Curricular Supports, Advanced Supports, Support Facilitation, and… Read More

Principles of Inclusive Design | Kody Olson

As a Deaf student, Kody Olson values the importance of an inclusive education. He recently gave a TEDx talk at Iowa State University outlining the personal impact that inclusive design has had on him. Additionally, he outlined ways that educational institutions can serve to be even more inclusive. Enjoy his TEDX talk… Read More

Helpful Resources for Parents with Special Needs Kids

One of our readers from a parent group, Caring 4 Our Kids, sent us some wonderful sites that we just had to share! We hope you find them useful. Help Loved Ones with Sensory Overload Enjoy Shopping Learning Resources Estate Planning for Special Needs Kids Home Modifications for Special Needs Kids Sesame Street Resources for Parents… Read More

ISN Partner: United Theater

Get ready to celebrate inclusion and “put the spotlight on ability” with Unified Theater! Unified Theater has created two activities available for Inclusive Schools Week. The first is a Super Ability mural, where students reflect on their own abilities and add it to a wall displaying all the superpowers within the school. Template and directions available… Read More